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Commercial Audiovisual Services – The Bay Area

In today’s modern times, the line is blurred between mom-and-pop operations and global enterprises. Regardless of your company’s size and reach, AV technology can take your operations to the next level—whether you simply want a TV in the lobby to satisfy guests or a way to communicate with your R&D department in Taiwan to satisfy shareholders.

At Dream Digital, we offer a comprehensive suite of commercial audiovisual services in the Bay Area. Count on us to make technology work for you, including bringing your boardrooms to the rest of the world, displaying your messaging with flexible digital signage, and so much more. Call now for more information about our commercial AV services.

What We Offer

Some companies need extra advice and assistance to perfect their AV systems, while other companies are too small to justify hiring an in-house IT expert. Regardless of your circumstances, don’t let your day be dragged down by networking and computer problems. Instead, rely on us to streamline your AV capabilities with a wide range of services, including:

Conference Room

Meeting Spaces

Effective communication is essential for businesses, whether it’s between customers, employees, branches, or divisions. Communication and collaboration are how ideas to advance your company are generated and shared. Regardless of the space you have, you can count on us to make it a communication hotspot. We can install screens, projectors, teleconferencing equipment, and so much more—all with straightforward controls. Your meetings and presentations will run more efficiently than ever before.
Silhouette Of People Dancing With Music


Rely on us to design and install an audio system that complements your business’ needs. We can do everything, from paging systems in the reception area to serious sound systems for concerts, clubs, and bars. We can also install announcement systems for your entire building, music systems to set an atmosphere in your store, and so much more. If amazing sound is integral to your reputation and success, put our professional audio system designers to work for you.
Electrical Engineer Fixing The Cables

IT Services

Your business is not immune from technology problems, whether your budget justifies a full-time IT professional or not. That’s why we’re here to solve all your IT issues. Count on our efficient and skilled experts for everything, from one-time fixes to weekly services and monthly maintenance. Desktop support, helpdesk support, repairs, upgrades, and software implementation are just some of the services we offer. Trust us to make technology work for you instead of slowing you down.
Video Distribution In A Restaurant

Video Distribution/Video Walls

When the NFL playoffs are on, basketball and hockey seasons are in full swing. When basketball and hockey start wrapping up, soccer and baseball start their seasons. Then, the baseball playoffs compete with the fresh NFL season and the opening games for the NBA and NHL. Meanwhile, your customers are demanding Sports Center and their favorite team’s live games.

Sounds like a giant pain, right? Fortunately, with the latest video distribution technology, you can play and switch around multiple channels across multiple screens. You can select your sources, select your screens, and select which screens have sound. The controls are simple and intuitive, meaning they’ll never slow down your service.

Need 20 screens playing 20 games in October? Or 20 screens playing the Big Game in February? Let us assess your space and design your dream system, whether you want four sports on four screens or 16 games on 100 screens.
Technical Engineer Troubleshooting The System


Is your projector acting up or flashing errors messages about bulbs and filters? Did your volume controls suddenly stop working? Has your conference room lost all sound? Can’t find your printer on the network? Whatever you’re dealing with, depend on us to come to the rescue. Our problem solvers are always prepared to get you back on track, whether that means a quick fix or a complete equipment overhaul.

And don’t forget: we also offer residential services.